Preserving and conserving our natural beauty by slowing down skin ageing is now possible using our own body’s resources, thanks to the reinjection of stem cells. Numerous scientific studies have proven that they have the ability to replace degenerating cells, renewing natural collagen and reducing the visible signs of aging.

Through the use of stem cells, regenerative medicine aims to repair tissue damaged by trauma or aggression. It also offers the possibility of preventing and slowing skin aging. It is both acurative and preventive treatment.

Stem cell function

Stem cells are undifferentiated mother cells capable of transforming into all kinds of specialized cells. They play an essential role in the development of your body and in maintaining its integrity throughout your life.

Stem cells can stimulate skin regeneration through various mechanisms:

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  • Release of growth factors and generation of fibroblasts to promote synthesis of new collagen fibers
  • Improves skin vascularization by forming new blood vessels,
  • Detoxification thanks to the antioxidant properties of stem cells.

These combined effects result in better maintenance of skin tissue and a clear improvement in the quality of your skin.


Where are stem cells found?

Stem cells are present in various tissues of the human body. For skin treatment, the cells of interest are those derived from the patient’s own fat.

So the stem cells used in your treatment are your own cells, harvested from your own fatty tissue by means of liposuction. These are autologous cells.

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Unlike other types of donor cell requiring genetic manipulation, autologous stem cells are extracted from the patient’s own body. This eliminates any risk of rejection or immune complications.

An initial consultation with your specialist is essential to find out if this treatment is suitable for your particular situation.

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Stem cell treatment procedure

A fat sample of around 150 ml is gently removed using a fine cannula, to preserve the integrity of the stem cells present. The harvesting area is chosen in consultation with the patient, according to his or her morphology. This step can be performed under local anaesthetic or under sedation for greater comfort.

The sample is kept at a constant temperature and immediately sent by special transport to our partner laboratory, Swiss Stem Cells Biotech.


stem cell laboratory

Stem cells are extracted in the laboratory. They are precisely quantified and concentrated for immediate or future use. A portion of the cells can be set aside and preserved by cryopreservation for subsequent treatments, for periods ranging from10 to 30 years.

After 24 hours, the cells required for treatment are returned to us for reinjection into syringes each containing around 1 million stem cells.

stem cell injections

Stem cells are injected into the dermis of the areas to be treated(face, neck, décolleté, hair, hands, etc.). Injections are performed using the mesotherapy technique, with fine needles.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic (anaesthetic cream or nerve block) or light sedation.

The results

Stem cell injections are preventive in nature. Their effect on skin quality can be appreciated over the long term, with a cumulative effect if the treatment is repeated.

As the cells are of autologous origin, the result of this procedure is perfectly natural.

The art of stem cells at Laclinic

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Associated treatments

Stem cell injections require the removal of fatty tissue for extraction. A small amount of liposuctionis always necessary. Our patients often take advantage of this opportunity to undergo joint lipofillingduring the same procedure, since all that’s required is to collect a little more fat for this purpose.

During your stay, take the opportunity to enjoy a facial treatment at our brand-new Helena Rubinstein Institute with Prodigy Powercell and Cell Glow products, pioneers in the use of plant stem cells in cosmetology.


Facial lipofilling or lipostructure is a surgical technique for the transfer of autologous fat (autologous fat grafting).

This interventions makes it possible to correct the volumes of the face in order to render it more harmonious.

Lipofolling, facial lipostructure

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