isaps fellowship program in switzerland

Laclinic actively participates in the training of young cosmetic surgeons. Since 2003, Laclinic has welcomed some 40 young practitioners from 26 countries for a 3 to 6 month fellowship under the auspices of ISAPS, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

We are proud to have been able to contribute to the transmission of knowledge andcontinuous improvement in this specialty that is so important to us.

It is also a way for Laclinic to perpetuate the tradition of quality and to ensure the sustainability of the institution since former fellows have now become full doctors of the institution, such as Dr. Laurent Smeets.


And it is always a source of great satisfaction for us when our former fellows set up their own practice or clinic and enjoy the success they deserve.

List of participants in the Laclinic Fellowship Program:

2003 Dr Raùl Verdeja (Switzerland)
2003-2004 Dr Sophie Martella-Favre (Switzerland)
2004-2005 Dr Joaquin Echegoyen (Switzerland)
2005 Dr Alfonso Pardo (Italy)
2005-2006 Dr Thierry Bezzola (Switzerland)
2006-2007 Dr Karlien Van de Sijpe (Belgium)
2007 Dr Serge Lê Huu (Switzerland)
2008 Dr Yann Favre (Switzerland)
2008-2009 Dr Aurélie Bous (Belgium)
2009-2010 Dr Christophe Ronsmans (Belgium)
2010 Dr Laurent Smeets (Belgium)
2010-2011 Dr. Rolf Hüssler (Switzerland)
2011 Dr Clarice Abreu (Brazil)
2011-2012 Dr. David Rasteiro (Portugal)
2012 Dr. Theogren Balakrishnan (South Africa)
2012-2013 Dr Bertrand Mercadier (France)
2013 Dr Felicia Smits (Netherlands)
2013 Dr Sathish Manivel (India)
2013 Dr Marco Romeo (Spain)
2014 Dr Marco Cerrano (Italy)
2014 Dr. Onur Serin (Turkey)
2014 Dr Milene Nibi Abrao (Brasil)
2014 Dr. Shilpi Bhadani (India)
2015 Dr. Mohammed El Fahar (Egypt)
2015 Dr Joao Martins (Portugal)
2015 Dr Maria Skolarikou (Greece)
2015 Dr Chandan Jadhav (Australia)
2016 Dr. Samer Bassilios Habre (Lebanon)
2016 Dr Marta Malinowska (Belgium)
2016 Dr. Faisal Ashfaq (Pakistan)
2016 Dr Maria Von Sperling (Denmark)
2017 Dr. William Watfa (Lebanon)
2017 Dr Ioana Gemene (Romania)
2017 Dr. Charles Maalouf (Canada)
2017 Dr. Carlos Ramirez (Colombia)
2018 Dr Vicky Jain (India)
2018 Dr Fransiska Ulrich (Switzerland)
2018 Dr Roger Aldridge (UK)
2019 Dr. Mariana da Rocha Martins (Portugal)
2019 Dr. Viachaslau Basalai (Belarus)
2019 Dr. Udi Maor (Israel)
2020 Dr Simon Zimmermann (Switzerland)
2020-2021 Dr Carlo Debbas (UK)
2021 Dr Abhinav Aggarwal (India)
2021 Dr Stipo Matic (Croatia)
2021-2022 Dr Nikolaos Vlassis (Greece)
2022 Dr. Ioana Ghiurco (Romania)
2022 Dr Keertana Devasani (India)

Meet our alumni

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