2 h 30 – 4 h 00

Type of anesthesia

General anesthesia or sedation

Clinic stay

2 to 3 days

Social downtime

15 days


from CHF 15,000

Installment payment

Bodylift objectives

The bodylift, also called circular lipectomy , is a surgical procedure intended to tighten the skin of the middle third of the body and redefine the silhouette .

The main objective of this procedure is to remove excess skin , most often following significant weight loss.

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The bodylift can also treat the bulges at the top of the back and under the breasts: it is then called a superior bodylift.

Fat in excesscan beremoved simultaneously with a dramatic decrease in overall body volume .

Who is the Bodylift for?

Candidates for bodylift are patients with the following indications:

  • Significant weight loss
  • Lower body obesity
  • Alteration of skin elasticity
  • Congenital sagging of the buttocks and thighs

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Significant weight loss, after a substantial diet, following the installation of a gastric band or bypass, or following one or more pregnancies. The patient has lost weight but there remains fat to be removed.

Lower body, diet resistant obesity. If obesity is generalized, the body lift can be considered as a fat reduction surgery, which can sometimes exceed 10 kilos.

Age and altered skin elasticity: in the same way that we perform face lifts, we can perform body lifts.

Congenital sagging of the buttocks and thighs: soft skin and drooping buttocks.

The bodylift is a surgical procedure that can lead to risks and complications. A first consultation with your surgeon is essential to know if this intervention is adapted to your particular situation.

Bodylift procedure

The bodylift will positively transform the harmony of your silhouette . Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to optimize the healing process and the quality of the result.

Before the intervention

The first consultation is essential to understand your request and your motivations. Depending on your morphology and your anatomy, your surgeon will determine his operating strategy.

Your surgeon carries out a precise and exhaustive examination of your body to identify the type of sagging skin, damaged tissue and excess fat by area : belly, , buttocks, thighs, saddlebags, etc.

In the context of obesity, your surgeon will have to clarify several points with you. Because the body lift is a long (4 to 6 hours) and tiring procedure, he will have to check the stability of your weight over the last few months, your general physical health and the absence of deficiencies.

Finally, your will have to choose the position of the scar, which will be the only residual mark of the bodylift. The position of the scar can be adapted to the type of clothing you prefer to wear. Often patients will opt for a lower position of the scar, allowing the wearing of low-waisted pants.

But it is also possible to choose a higher positioning of the scar to adapt to high-cut swimsuits. A preoperative check-up will be carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.


The bodylift takes place under general anesthesia , taking into account the operated faces and the rather long duration of the intervention, which hinder the possibilities of local anesthesia under sedation.

A consultation with your anesthesiologist will take place a few days before your procedure.

The day of the procedure

Your surgeon will adapt his operating strategy according to your particular situation in order to obtain the best possible result. The intervention of the bodylift comprises two operating phases , of more or less equal duration.

In principle, the operation begins in the ventral position and ends in the dorsal position . After the preoperative markings, the surgeon usually begins with a liposuction of the saddlebags and hips to remove volume and mobilize the skin.

The excess skin is then removed at the bottom of the back, above the buttocks and laterally, to tighten the outer face of the thighs. If the buttocks are flat, the surgeon can use the excess fat in the hips to reshape and increase the volume of the buttocks.

During the second phase of the bodylift, the patient is turned over. The surgeon continues his intervention on the stomach, according to the principle of a classic abdominoplasty. This gesture makes it possible to stretch the abdomen downwards, the pubis and the front of the thighs upwards.

The surgeon begins with liposuction allowing tissue mobilization. The surgeon joins the posterior incision which will thus be in continuity with the anterior incision.

At the end of the intervention, a compression panty is put in place. The bodylift intervention generally lasts between 3 to 6 hours, depending on the objectives to be achieved and other associated surgical procedures.

After the procedure

Because of the duration of the intervention, the importance of the operated surfaces and the quantities of tissues removed, recovery after a bodylift is a rather longer than for other types of surgeries.

The swelling and bruising comes on quickly and can be quite intense, as well as the fatigue and the pain. Pain is greatly reduced by powerful analgesics.

To limit oedema, wearing a compression sheath is essential for a month.

The scar should be protected from the sun for 3 months. Rest is advised for a week.

You will be able to leave your home after one week. Return to work is possible from 8 to 10 days after the intervention depending on your profession. Sports activities require at least 45 days off, with a gradual resumption.

Manual lymphatic drainage from the first days, later followed by Endermologie® drainage, is strongly recommended to accelerate the resorption of edema and optimize healing.


The result of the bodylift will be visible immediately on the silhouette, because the tightening of the skin is always spectacular. After three weeks, the edema begins to fade away and the result is even more impressive.

The result on the silhouette is final after 6 months. The final appearance of the scars is achieved after 12 to 18 months. At he end of the operation, the Urgotouch© laser stimulates the scarring process to improve the appearance of the scars.

The goal of this surgery is to bring an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your wishes are realistic, the result should give you great satisfaction.

The art of Bodylift at Laclinic

At Laclinic, the artistic skills of the surgeons are essential for each intervention. For the bodylift, the challenge consists in obtaining a tailor-made result for each patient while minimizing the risks as much as possible thanks to cutting-edge techniques.

Your surgeon will take several technical precautions in order to speed up post-operative recovery, reduce the risks classically associated with this type of surgery and finally improve the quality and shape of the scars to obtain an optimal and lasting result.

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Around the surgery

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Laclinic's doctors are particularly attentive to pain management in order to make your intervention as comfortable and safe as possible.

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Associated treatments

Several surgical procedures can be combined with a bodylift to improve the buttocks and the chest at the same time, such as liposuction, breast and/or buttock lipofilling, or even breast surgery .

Buttock Lipofilling

Buttock lipofilling consists of increasing the volume of the buttocks by injecting autologous fat taken from the hips, stomach and thighs.

The intervention is intended for patients wishing to improve the appearance of their buttocks.

buttock lipofilling