1h30 – 2h00

Type of anesthesia

General or local anesthesia with sedation

Clinic stay

Outpatient up to 2 days

Social downtime

10 days


On quotation
from CHF 9’000

Objectives of a breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling is a surgical procedure that increasesbreast volume by transferring fat cells from areas with excess fat (stomach, inner thighs, hips, knees, back, etc.).

Lipofilling has the advantage of being able to modify volumes without inflammatory or allergic riskssince we work with autologous tissue.

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Another advantage of lipofilling is that it simultaneously improves the appearance of the lower body thanks to the liposuction.

For the breasts, lipofilling allows only modest increases in volume (half a size on average). It is therefore only suitable for patients who wish to slightly increase the appearance of their cleavage.

Breast lipofilling is also often used in addition to traditional breast augmentation to obtain a more natural look. This is called hybrid or composite breast augmentation.

The technique of fat transfer to the breast is a common and effective procedure, which has the additional advantage of leaving no visible scars. It also improves skin tone in the décolleté area.

Who is breast lipofilling for?

Breast lipofilling is intended for patients with moderate breast hypotrophy or asymmetry.

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The intervention can be considered from the age of 18.

Of course, the patient must also have some fat in excess on the stomach, the hips or the thighs. The ratio between the aspirated fat and the usable fat for lipofilling is about one third (900 cc of aspirated fat are necessary to inject 300 cc of purified fat). The resorption being 30% on average, about 25% of the fat taken initially will remain in the end.

Which is equivalent to a breast augmentation of about half a size.

Breast lipofilling is a surgical procedure that can lead to risks and complications.

A first consultation with your surgeon is essential to know if this intervention is adapted to your particular situation.

Before and after pictures

The breast lipofilling procedure

Breast lipofilling will positively transform your silhouette and give you a more voluminous breast .

The results are definitive. Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to optimize the healing process and the quality of the result.

Before the intervention

The first consultation is essential to understand your request and your motivations. Depending on your morphology and your anatomy, your surgeon will determine his operating strategy.

The goal is to obtain a result adapted to your figure and your expectations. It will be important during this consultation to carefully assess the quality of the skin and the mammary gland.

Your surgeon will carry out a clinical examination which will ensure that there is no hidden issue. A preoperative radiological and health assessment might be carried out in order to confirm or to eliminate the suspicion or doubt. .


Breast lipofilling generally takes place under general or local anesthesia with deep sedation , as several parts of the body are concerned by the intervention.

A consultation with your anesthesiologist will take place a few days before your procedure.

The day of the procedure

Your surgeon will adapt his operating strategy according to your particular case in order to obtain the best possible result.

During the first stage of the intervention, the surgeon will extract the excess fat with a fine cannula.

The choice of the harvesting site depends on the amount of fat needed.

The fat is centrifuged in order to isolate the adipocytes.

Then the surgeon reinjects the fat in several layers, into the mammary gland, under the skin, and into the pectoral muscle.

The duration of the procedure depends on the number of donor sites and the amount of fat to be transferred. It can vary from 1h30 to 3 hours depending on the case.

After the procedure

The pain is generally moderate, sometimes more important in the liposuctioned areas. It canbe relieved by simple analgesics.

Any edema on the donor areas and the breasts disappear between 1 and 3 months, as for the bruises which disappear after a few weeks.

A compression garment will be prescribed. It must be worn for 6 weeks, in the donor areas. In some cases, a compression bra may also be prescribed. You may feel tired for one to two weeks, especially in the case of major liposuction.

Sports activities must be interrupted for six weeks. Socio-professional activities can be resumed after one week.



The result can be appreciated from the first month and the final result will be seen after 6 months.

This intervention generally brings great satisfaction to patients who benefit from a marked increase in their breasts and an improvement of their curve.

Since the grafted fat is a living tissue, it is dependent on variations in weight. The patient must keep a stable weight in order to maintain the volume of her chest. In teh same way, the prest will tend to increase if the patient gains weight.

The goal of this surgery is to bring an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your wishes are realistic, the result should give you great satisfaction.

The art of breast lipofilling at Laclinic

At Laclinic, the artistic touch of the surgeon is essential for each intervention.

For breast lipofilling, the challenge consists in obtaining a tailor-made result with minimal scars thanks to advanced surgical techniques.

Would you like more information or the opinion of a professional?

Do not hesitate to contact us now. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Around the surgery

The first consultation

The first consultation is essential to identify your needs and expectations. Our specialists will take all the necessary time to understand your demand and offer you the best advice.


Laclinic's doctors are particularly attentive to pain management in order to make your intervention as comfortable and safe as possible.

Your stay

Laclinic is committed to welcoming its guests with friendliness and discretion. The quality of service is worthy of a five-star hotel.

Associated treatments

We can generally combine breast lipofilling with breast Breast lipofillingoften completes a classic breast augmentation with implants to obtaina more natural look.

Breast augmentation with prostheses

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure that increases the volume of the breast thanks to silicone implants.

Laclinic provides you with the latest generations of silicone implants, which are characterized by a great diversity of shapes and sizes, allowing a tailor-made adaptation according to your morphology and your expectations.

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