An unprecedented alliance in anti-aging expertise

Helena Rubinstein quickly understood that maintaining beauty is more than just face cream. Everything is important: fitness, well-being, diet, not to mention makeup, which she brought into fashion.

Madam came up with the idea of bringing together in one place beauty treatments, massage sessions, dietary advice and make-up lessons. Thus she founded her “Clinique de Beauté” in Faubourg St Honoré, inaugurated in 1912 and which attracted all the elegant Parisians.

The partnership forged in 2008 between the Helena Rubinstein and Laclinic-Montreux laboratories is part of this approach. Founded in 2002 by Doctor Michel Pfulg, this place is entirely dedicated to beauty. the setting is enchanting. State-of-the-art infrastructures bring together all the surgical, medical, regenerative and cosmetological specialties to meet the highest requirements. From this meeting at the top was born the Re-Plasty range : expert medical care formulated to act well beyond conventional anti-aging.

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein’s unique expertise

Our estheticians benefit from the long experience and traditions of care that make up the unique heritage of Helena Rubinstein. They will suggest the care or cosmetic product ideally suited to your specific needs .

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