HELENA RUBINSTEIN treatment protocols at the Beauty Institute

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Facials

HELENA RUBINSTEIN RE-PLASTY facial treatments are unique thanks to their unprecedented combination of remodeling and lifting techniques derived from Western and Eastern massages.

The protocols exist in 2 versions with a duration of 1 hour and 1h.30, with or without Simonin® electrostimulation.

Re-Plasty Treatments

At the beginning of the session, our beauty experts carry out an accurate diagnosis of your skinto offer you the HR protocol best adapted to the needs of your skin.

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night


Premium Beauty Re-Plasty

Anti-dark spot, anti-redness and anti-imperfection treatment that smoothes the skin, clarifies and evens out the complexion.

Helena Rubinstein Pro Filler Cabin Treatment

Pro Filler

Premium Beauty Re-Plasty

Filling treatment, intense wrinkle corrector and skin elasticity stimulator.

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Prescription Treatment


Premium Beauty Re-Plasty

Tailor-made facial with skin diagnosis. Stimulated skin, resurfaced texture, standardized chroma.

The art of care at Laclinic

Our beauticians benefit from a long experience. They are intensively and continuously trained in the exclusive Helena Rubinstein treatment protocols . They will be able to offer you the treatment adapted to your specific needs .

They will make your visit to our institute a unique and memorable moment of relaxation.


Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Treatments

Unique anti-aging treatments inspired by aesthetic medicine techniques. HR Re-PLASTY treatments constitute an unprecedented combination of remodeling and lifting techniques, using the most advanced technologies in cosmeceuticals.

Premium Beauty Re-Plasty Laserist 60 mins. / 90* min. 220 / 300* CHF
Premium Beauty Re-Plasty Pro-Filler 60 min. / 90* min. 220 / 300* CHF
Premium Beauty Re-Plasty Prescription 60 min. / 90* min. 220 / 300* CHF

* Includes Simonin electrostimulation

Helena Rubinstein Replasty

Re-Plasty Cosmetics

Re-Plasty, the anti-aging cosmetic range from HELENA RUBINSTEIN inspired by the surgical expertise of Michel Pfulg, plastic surgeon and founder of Laclinic.

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