2h – 3h

Type of anesthesia

General anesthesia or sedation

Clinic stay

2 – 3 days

Social downtime

15 days


from CHF 16,000

Installment payment

Objectives of abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery of the abdomen.

This intervention consists of removing the excess fat and excess skin in the stomach and tightening the surrounding skin.

Abdominoplasty is considered when liposuctionis insufficient to obtain satisfactory results (loss of tone, noticeable distension, significant stretch marks, scars, etc.) or when the patient wishes to correct alterations of the muscular wall (looseness, diastasis, hernias, etc.).

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In recent years, this procedure has benefited fromtechnical improvements that reduce the importance of associated risks, mitigate post-operative consequences and residual scars.

It is possible to combine abdominoplasty with extensive liposuction without significant detachment of the abdominal wall.

Who is abdominoplasty for?

The main indications for abdominoplasty are:

  • If you have moderate excess skin , a mini tummy tuck will usually suffice.
  • If the excess skin is more important, an extended abdominoplasty will be necessary.
  • In case of distension of the rectus muscles (diastasis), a muscle plasty is performed in parallel.
  • If needed, liposuction on the flanks and abdomen is combined with abdominoplasty at the same time.

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Abdominoplasty is generally made necessary by sequelae of weight loss after obesity or after multiple diets, aging, multiple pregnancies.

In case of significant overweight, this should be taken care of before the surgical procedure. The conditions for the intervention will be better in terms of safety and quality of the results.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that can lead to risks and complications. A first consultation with your surgeon is essential to know if this intervention is adapted to your particular situation.

Before and after pictures

The abdominoplasty procedure

Abdominoplasty will positively transform your silhouette and give you a flatter and firmer stomach. The results are final .

Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to optimize the healing process and the quality of the result.

Before the intervention

The first consultation is essential to understand your request and your motivations. Depending on your morphology and your anatomy , your surgeon will determine his operating strategy.

The goal is to obtain a result adapted to your silhouette, which corrects the various imperfections of this area for a result that meets your expectations.

Your surgeon will carry out a clinical examination which will precisely analyze the quality of the skin.

Imaging examinations may be necessary to indentify possible muscle deficits. A preoperative check-up will be carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.


The abdominoplasty generally takes place under general anesthesia , with a hospital stay of 2 to 5 days.

If performe without muscle plasty, it can sometimes happen under partial anesthesia . The choice of the technique will be made between you, your anesthesiologist and your surgeon.

A consultation with your anesthesiologist will take place a few days before your procedure.

The day of the procedure

Your surgeon will adapt his operating strategy according to your particular case in order to obtain the best possible result. However, following basic principles are characteristic of this procedure:

A primary liposuction removes excess fat ; then the abdominal incision is performed in a crease above the pubis. The remaining skin (above the navel) is re-draped downwards and attached to the underlying muscle wall.

At the end of the intervention, a modeling dressing is made, sometimes associated with a compression sheath.

The duration of the intervention varies between 90 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the importance of the correction to be performed. Drains are left for 1-3 days.

The scar is horizontal, placed above the pubis. Its length depends on the amount of skin removed. A small circular scar remains around the umbilicus.

A compression bandage or an elastic sheath is put in place.

After the procedure

The pain, mainly due to tension and abdominal aches, is variable but generally bearable with appropriate treatment.

Any swelling or bruising disappears after a few days or weeks. Wearing an abdominal belt or a compression girdle is necessary for 4 to 6 weeks . It takes 6 to 8 weeks before resuming sport.

To obtain a good healing, tobacco is banned . Sun exposure is avoided for a year. Manual lymphatic drainage from the first days, followed by Endermologie® drainage will accelerate the resorption of the edema and optimize the healing process.

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help maintain the results. Pregnancy is possible one year after the operation.


Whatever the importance of the intervention, the results are appreciable and visible after about 2 months . The final result is assessed after one year, the time necessary for the attenuation of the scar.

The scar is positioned to be easily concealed in classic underwear or swimsuits.

Beyond the aesthetic improvement which is often spectacular, an abdominoplasty bring a very clear improvement in terms of comfort.

This functional improvement and the psychological well-being obtained help patients in adjusting their weight balance.

The goal of this surgery is to bring an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your wishes are realistic, the result should give you great satisfaction.

The art of abdominoplasty at Laclinic

At Laclinic, the artistic touch of the surgeon is essential for each intervention. For abdominoplasty, the challenge consists in obtaining a tailor-made result for each patient while minimizing the risks as much as possible thanks to advanced techniques.

Your surgeon will take care to use several technical precautions in order to speed up post-operative recovery , reduce the risks classically associated with this type of surgery and finally improve the quality and shape of the umbilical and lower scars, to obtain an optimal an sustainable result.

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Around the surgery

The first consultation

An initial consultation is essential to understand your needs and expectations. Our specialists take all the time they need to understand you and propose the best solution.


Laclinic's doctors are particularly attentive to pain management in order to make your intervention as comfortable and safe as possible.

Your stay

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Associated treatments

It is possible to perform an additional liposuction or a lipofilling (liposculpture) in order to further improve the results of an abdominoplasty, thus reshaping the shapes of the body for a more harmonious and proportionate silhouette.

High definition abdomen liposculpture

High-definition abdominal liposculpture or abdominal etching is an advanced liposuction technique that allows the abdominal muscles to be redesigned using lipomodeling (liposculpture). The technique is adapted according to the sex of the patient.

The intervention consists in bringing out the abdominal muscles by sucking the abdominal fat in the zones of muscular crossings. A HD liposculpture of the abdomen is an intervention whose duration is at least twice that of a classic liposuction.

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