30 mins. – 1 hr.

Frequency / Sessions


1 to 3 sessions, 1 month apart

Social downtime


Objectives of PRP injections

PRP injections (short for Platelet Rich Plasma) is a technique that consists of injecting autologous plasma rich in platelets, growth factors and stem cells consists of injecting autologous plasma rich in platelets.

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Initially used in reconstructive surgery and sports medicine, its use has now been successfully extended to the field of aesthetic medicine. The aim is to stimulate the dermal stem cells that produce collagen and elastin.

Plasma obtained from your own blood offers regenerative effects that rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands, treat skin imperfections such as spots and acne scars, and lighten dark circles.

PRP is also indicated for stimulating hair growth and slowing hair loss, with excellent results.

Who can benefit from PRP injections?

PRP injection treatment is suitable for both women and men who wish to achieve overall facial rejuvenation or boost the health of their hair.

These patients show the first signs of skin aging, with fine lines and wrinkles, early loss of skin elasticity, the appearance of dark circles and a few pigment spots.

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Candidates for treatment with PRP injections must be free of blood disorders.

An initial consultation with your specialist is essential to find out if this treatment is suitable for your particular situation.

Procedure for a PRP injection session

A precise, personalized diagnosis is first established with your aesthetic doctor during the initial consultation, and a suitable procedure will be chosen according to this diagnosis and your objectives.

Details of the procedure

One hour before treatment, depending on individual sensitivity levels, an anaesthetic cream can be applied by the doctor or the patient to the area to be treated. You must arrive on an empty stomach before treatment begins.

The procedure begins with a blood sample. The blood collected is immediately centrifuged to extract the platelet-concentrated plasma, then reinjected into the areas to be treated.

The treatment lasts from 40 to 80 minutes, depending on the area to be treated.
The patient can return home right after the session.


You can resume your activities immediately. The after-effects of a Platelet Rich Plasma injection are generally straightforward. Slight swelling, redness or bruising are transitory and disappear in the following days.

A moisturizing and soothing cream is systematically prescribed and administered after the session, and should be applied for 48 hours.


Results begin to be visible after a month, the time needed for the cells to begin their regeneration process.

Afterwards, patients note highly satisfying results: skin is luminous and smooth, spots and scars faded, dark circles lightened, face, neck and décolleté firmer and more toned.

For capillary PRP, after the first session, hair has regained its shine and is thicker. From the second session onwards, hair loss slows down.

Maintenance sessions every 3 to 6 months allow the skin to constantly regenerate, for lasting results. One or two maintenance sessions are required each year to maintain the results of capillary PRP.

The goal of this treatment is to bring about an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your expectations remain realistic, the obtained result should give you utmost satisfaction.

The art of PRP injections at Laclinic


Injections of PRP Plasma rich in platelets

PRP rejuvenates the tissues of the skin, fills in wrinkles, redensifies the skin and evens out the complexion. This treatment also strengthens the hair.

1 area CHF 700
2 areas CHF 900
3 areas CHF 1000
Cure of 3 sessions -10%

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Associated treatments

For an overall anti-aging action and to complement the results of PRP, the patient may consider undergoing filling injections with hyaluronic acidinjections, botulinum toxin injections, injections to smooth out wrinkles, and mesotherapy sessions to help maintain skin hydration and radiance.


Peeling is a technique used to improve facial radiance, treat pigmentation spots, fine lines and wrinkles, scars and dilated pores.

Peeling involves applying plant or chemical substances to the skin which, depending on the strength of their active ingredient, their concentration or the length of time they are applied, will destroy the skin’s surface layer.

Peeling montreux

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