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ND-YAG vascular laser objectives

ND-YAG laser treatment eliminates superficial or deep vascular lesions on the face and body: rosacea, erythrosis, telangiectasias, stellate angiomas, venous lakes, ruby spots on the face, spider veins on the lower limbs.

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The vascular laser emits a light beam that is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood. The light beam thus absorbed is transformed into heat, destroying the blood vessel.

With its high wavelength (1640 nm), the Nd-YAG laser is the treatment of choice for these unsightly lesions, particularly for its highly effective action on vascular lesions of the face and lower limbs.

Vessels and fine veins are erased by up to 95%, without scarring, leaving healthy, rejuvenated skin. Early treatment prevents the appearance of more serious imperfections.

This treatment is simple, fast and virtually painless, and offers highly satisfactory results on all phototypes. Patients often find that one or two sessions are enough. However,the number of sessions required depends on the number of spider veins to be treated, their color and size.

Telangiectasias and varicosities of the lower limbs are very often the result of deeper blood reflux. To avoid the reappearance of other vessels after treatment resulting from this deep supply network, an echo-Doppler assessment and treatment of these supply veins is recommended.

Who is the ND-YAG laser intended for?

Varicosities are most often linked to vascular insufficiency, sunlight, hormones or heredity.

Nd-YAG vascular laser treatment is suitable for women and men of all types, aged 18 and over.

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You notice the following vascular imperfections on your face and/or body:

  • On the face, the presence of couperose, erythrosis, rosacea and ruby spots (vascular ectasia) or angioma, skin anomalies linked to excessive dilation of the skin’s superficial vessels.
  • On the lower limbs, with the appearance of red, blue or purple varicosities, which should not be confused with more serious varicose veins.

It is not possible to perform the treatment on tanned skin, thus we recommend performing the sessions during autumn and winter.

An initial consultation with your specialist is essential to find out if this treatment is suitable for your particular situation.

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Procedure for an ND-YAG laser session

A precise, personalized diagnosis is made with the laser physician before the session, along with a clinical examination. An ultrasound examination (Echo-Doppler) of the lower limbs may be prescribed if necessary to rule out underlying venous insufficiency.

Details of the procedure

It is preferable to avoid exposure to the sun for 15 days prior to treatment.

An Nd-YAG vascular laser session lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the number and size of the areas concerned.

After cleaning and removing make-up from the areas to be treated, your specialist begins the treatment. The laser shot produces a sensation generally likened to mini “rubber band strokes”, accompanied by a slight sunburn-like sensation.

The session is carried out on an outpatient basis, and patient comfort is ensured by a cooling system.

At the end of the session, the laser doctor applies a soothing cream. The patient can return home right after the session.

The sessions are generally spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart.


You can return to your normal activities immediately after the Nd-YAG laser session. Immediately after treatment and for a few days, swelling and redness may appear. We also note the possible appearance of small brown scabs, achromia (depigmentation or light marks on the skin) and hyperpigmentation (brown spots) on treated areas. They are generally transitory.

In some cases, where there is significant vascular damage or erythrosis, a purple purpura (the appearance of ecchymoses or “bruises”) may appear in the treated area, lasting an average of 10 to 15 days.

This purpura is a sign of the bursting of the small vessels being treated, and a better guarantee of efficacy. It always resolves completely, passing through the different colors usually seen after a bruise.

The treated areas must be kept out of the sun (ip50+ cream) for at least one month, and sources of high heat (sun, baths, saunas, hammams) must be avoided for two months.


The results of an Nd-YAG laser session, already visible within a few days of the session, are optimal after a few weeks and excellent after 2 months. The main objective is to reduce redness and lighten the treated area.

Total disappearance is rare, as some vessels are too small for the laser to reach.

Vessels in the legs also have a progressive and chronic evolution linked to genetic, hormonal and lifestyle factors. This treatment can be followed by sclerotherapy one month later.

Maintenance sessions are necessary, the frequency of which varies according to the individual and the severity of the disease.

The goal of this treatment is to bring about an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your expectations remain realistic, the obtained result should give you utmost satisfaction.

The art of the Nd-YAG laser at Laclinic


YAG Vascular Laser

Vascular lasers are used to treat rosacea of the face, redness of the cheeks, venules and varicosities of the legs or the rest of the body, as well as angiomas.

Sides of the nose CHF 300
Face (IPL and Vascular Yag Laser) CHF 750
Cleavage CHF 800
Angiomas from CHF 300
Rosacea from CHF 1'000
leg veins from CHF 600

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Associated treatments

For overall action on facial skin lesions, Nd-YAG vascular treatment can be combined with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatmentto treat pigmentation spots, lentigos, redness and dullness, using a broad spectrum of light to selectively destroy certain undesirable chromophores.

Pearl fractional ablative laser

The Pearl® fractional ablative laser regenerates the skin’s surface, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, and provides intense skin firming by stimulating collagen production.

The Pearl® laser is particularly suitable for sun-damaged mature facial skin. Skin regains its freshness, radiance and tone, while the complexion is noticeably softer and more luminous.