2h – 2h30

Type of anesthesia

General anesthesia or sedation

Clinic stay

2-3 days

Social downtime

15 days


from CHF 12,000

Installment payment

Objectives of cruroplasty

Thigh lift (also known as cruralplasty, cruroplasty or dermolipectomy of the thighs) is a plastic surgery procedure that removes excess skin located on the inner side of the thigh .

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After weight loss or as a result of the passage of time, the skin on the inside of the thighs deteriorates and may cause aesthetic and psychological discomfort.

The problem of sagging skin is often associated with the presence of excess fat. The increase in volume can become inconvenient when walking due to friction .

The purpose of the intervention is to reduce fatty tissue by liposuction, and to remove excess skin to reshape the thighs.

Who is a thigh lift for?

Cruroplasty, or thigh lift, is intended forpatients who do not like the appearance of their thighs: either an excess of fat with friction when walking, or a crumpled appearance of the thighs that becomes a source of complex.

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The main causes of sagging skin on the inner thighs are natural aging of the skin, heredity or a significant weight loss, often linked to pregnancy.

The thigh lift is a common intervention that offers a high rate of satisfaction.

Cruroplasty is a surgical procedure that may can involve risks and complications. A first consultation with your surgeon is essential to know if this intervention is adapted to your particular situation.

The thigh lift procedure

Cruroplasty will positively transform your silhouette. The results are final.

Follow your surgeon’s recommendations to optimize the healing process and the quality of the result.

Before the intervention

The first consultation is essential to understand your request and your motivations. A preliminary clinical examination and a precise questioning will allow our specialist to define the most appropriate type of surgery for your case.

Your surgeon will take the time necessary to accurately analyze the quality of the loose skin and decide if thigh liposuction is also necessary.

Your surgeon will also make sure that your weight has remained stable for several months. The type of scar and its positioning will be discused with you. A vertical scar might be a good solution for patients without scaring difficulties.

If you prefer the scar to be perfectly hidden, you may have to compromise on the aesthetic outcome.

A preoperative check-up will be carried out in accordance with the prescriptions.


In some cases, cruroplasty takes place under general anesthesia , but most often local anesthesia under sedation may be sufficient . A 3-day hospitalization is required.

The choice of the technique will be made between you, your anesthesiologist and your surgeon.

A consultation with your anesthesiologist will take place a few days before your procedure.

The day of the procedure

Your surgeon will adapt his operating strategy according to your particular case in order to obtain the best possible result. In the presence of excess fat, the surgeon begins by removing it through liposuction.

To remove excess skin, current techniques preserve the architecture of the tissues and in particular the lymphatic and blood vessels. This reduces the complication rate. The absence of drains makes the post-operative process more comfortable.

The incisions can be performed according to different schemes:

A pure horizontal technique , is recommended when excess length predominates. It is treated by pulling the skin upwards. The scar starts from the fold of the groin. It then extends into the groove between the perineum and the top of the inner thigh, and continues back to the gluteal fold. In this technique, the traction is vertical. To prevent the scar from descending, the surgeon attaches the skin to the ligament located at the top of the inner thigh.

The pure vertical technique , if the excess in width is predominant . The vertical scar is located along the inner thigh. Its length varies depending on the amount of excess skin. If it can be limited to the upper third of the thigh, it will remain very discreet. But when the excess is important, as after a massive weight loss , it might go down to the knee.

Sometimesdifferent techniques are mixedto obtain an optimal result. This results in an inverted L or T scar.

The duration of the intervention is two hours on average . It varies according to the extent of the improvements to be made.

After the procedure

The operation can be painful and requires analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment for the first few days. The sitting position is difficult during the healing phase because of the location of the scars.

Wearing a compression panty is necessary for 4 to 6 weeks and sun exposure will be avoided for 6 months. Strict hygiene is strongly recommended.

Manual lymphatic drainages are recommended from the first days, followed by drainages by Endermologie® in order to accelerate the resorption of the edema and optimize the healing process.


The result is visible quite quickly , but its final assessment will only be made after several months.

It takes 6 months for the thighs to reach their final shape , and 10 to 12 months for the scars to gradually fade.

In most cases, this procedures brings a significant improvement to the shape of the thighs.

The goal of this surgery is to bring an improvement and not to achieve perfection. If your wishes are realistic, the result should give you great satisfaction.

The art of cruroplasty at Laclinic

At Laclinic, the artistic skills of the surgeons are essential for each intervention. For cruroplasty, the challenge consists in obtaining a tailor-made result for each patient and while minimizing the risks as much as possible thanks to advanced techniques.

Your surgeon will take care to use several technical precautions in order to speed up post-operative recovery, reduce the risks classically associated with this type of surgery and improve the quality of the scars for an optimal and lasting result.

Would you like more information or the opinion of a professional?

Do not hesitate to contact us now. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Around the surgery

The first consultation

The first consultation is essential to identify your needs and expectations. Our specialists will take all the necessary time to understand your demand and offer you the best advice.


Laclinic's doctors are particularly attentive to pain management in order to make your intervention as comfortable and safe as possible.

Your stay

Laclinic is committed to welcoming its guests with friendliness and discretion. The quality of service is worthy of a five-star hotel.

Associated treatments

Cruroplasty can generally be combined with liposuction of the thighs as explained above.

Buttock liposuction

Liposuction of the buttocks is a surgical procedure that consists of eliminating excess fat in the buttocks and the surrounding areas (hips, saddlebags).

This intervention makes it possible to permanently eliminate unwanted fat in specific areas. Buttock liposuction will rebalance your entire silhouette, in a more harmonious and symmetric way.

buttock lipofilling

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