The success story of Re-Plasty, our avant-garde anti-aging range

Cosmetics Re Plasty Helena Rubinstein

Re-Plasty, the anti-aging cosmetic range from HELENA RUBINSTEIN inspired by the surgical expertise of Michel Pfulg, plastic surgeon and founder of Laclinic.

In 2008, the luxury brand and pioneer of cosmetics HELENA RUBINSTEIN, which combines the power of science with ultra-sensory and penetrating textures to fight against skin aging, decided to join forces with Laclinic and the international expertise of Dr Pfulg.

Together, they co-create a revolutionary anti-aging range inspired by post-operative care that accelerates skin healing after aesthetic medicine procedures .

Re-Plasty’s highly concentrated formulations deeply regenerate the skin and repair the signs of aging. They defy the laws of skincare to activate cell regeneration, protect and repair the 3 structural signs of skin aging.

Since its launch, the RE-PLASTY range has been a worldwide success. The Age Recovery Night cream has become an iconic product , a benchmark among anti-aging creams.

Cosmetics Re Plasty Helena Rubinstein

Discover the best-sellers of the Re-Plasty range

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Age Recovery Night


This global anti-aging night cream is nicknamed “The Black Bandage cream”.

The icon of the Re-Plasty range is directly inspired by the clinical regenerative treatments developed by Laclinic surgeons to repair the skin post-operatively.

The enveloping and repairing balm is the result of a unique scientific breakthrough: for the first time in a cream, the Pro-XylaneTM molecule is concentrated up to 30% in the formula.

This molecule has the power to accelerate the cell repair activity of the skin to prevent the signs of aging, night after night.


This anti-aging day cream is intended to fight and prevent inflammation suffered by the skin (UV, pollution, screens, etc.).

Its unique formulation of Pro-XylaneTM, Madecassoside, Niacinamide and Tasmanol helps fight against all forms of skin inflammation.

The texture also acts as a dressing effect. Once applied to the skin, the cream has soothing properties and it is ideal as a make-up base thanks to its matte finish.

From the first use, the skin is instantly hydrated. Dryness and redness are reduced.


This instant anti-aging serum is directly inspired by filler injections performed in aesthetic medicine.

Its new formula offers a complex of 5 types of Hyaluronic Acid with varying molecular weights to target the 5 different types of facial wrinkles.

Wrinkles are filled in and over the long term, their reappearance is slowed down, the skin is plumper and firmer.

Laclinic’s collaboration with HELENA RUBINSTEIN

With Helena Rubinstein, we share common ambitions, our dynamics are shared and our skills are complementary.

The idea of creating a line of cosmetics came to us fairly quickly because we wanted a holistic approach to beauty with all the specialties united under one roof.

But of course, beauty doesn’t stop at the clinic’s doors. Our patients continue to take care of themselves once at home.

So it was important for us to also be able to enter into their home by offering them a range of appropriate care and cosmetics.

Dr Michel Pfulg

Founder of Laclinic

The Re-Plasty range is directly inspired by the aesthetic medicine treatments provided at Laclinic and the ingredients used are sometimes the same.

Re-Plasty is now a reference in the fight against the effects of aging and the use of these products not only allows the skin to be better prepared before an intervention, but also to prolong the effects of these non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments.

A real technological feat that restores and preserves the natural balance of the skin while preventing aging.

The products in the range have demonstrated clinical efficacy and prolong the effects of aesthetic medical treatments. The Re-Plasty range therefore satisfies the most demanding requirements.

Cosmetics Re Plasty Helena Rubinstein

Having a demanding international clientele pushes us to always be one step ahead.

We are therefore constantly looking for new skin repair techniques, in particular through technological advances in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Certain ingredients may be more appropriate in certain circumstances. With Helena Rubinstein, we were able to develop formulas adapted to the specific needs that we were able to identify in our patients.

This is the case with the latest advances in the field of adipocyte stem cell treatments which make it possible, thanks to growth factors, to improve certain signs of skin aging and to obtain spectacular results in terms of quality, skin texture and luminosity.

Fabrice Pfulg

Director of Laclinic

Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Prescription Treatment

The Helena Rubinstein Treatment Protocols

HELENA RUBINSTEIN RE-PLASTY treatments are unique thanks to their unprecedented combination of remodeling and lifting techniques, derived from Western and Eastern massages.

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