Patrick Leconte

Docteur Michel Pfulg, chirurgien esthétique
A graduate in active cellular nutrition, Patrick Leconte is a specialist in chrononutrition, nutrition based on chronobiology.

Patrick Leconte was trained by Professor Jean-Robert Rapin, inventor with Dr Delabos of chrononutrition®, based on chronobiology.

He deals with problems of overweight and obesity in people of all ages, but can also help those who wish to gain weight.

""Chrononutrition allows us to bring real well-being to our patients, by establishing a long-term balance, without suffering or deprivation.""

Patrick Leconte

If the surgery allows to quickly obtain spectacular results, the chrononutrition allows a subtle and long-term rebalancing. The sustainable introduction of new eating habits can optimize the long-term result and restore well-being and self-confidence.