Laclinic-Montreux is the only clinic entirely dedicated to aesthetics. Our multidisciplinary team and our infrastructure allow us to offer you all surgical and non-surgical solutions to enhance your beauty.

The rates below are indicative and may vary depending on the complexity of the treatment or its duration.

Aesthetic Consultations

Avant tout traitement chirurgical ou médical esthétique, un premier rendez-vous est fixé avec le médecin qui définira avec vous la meilleure solution sur mesure pour améliorer votre bien-être et votre beauté personnels.

Aesthetic medicine first consultation 150 CHF
Plastic surgery first consultation 200 CHF

Aesthetic medicine

Laser treatments

Sciton BBL™ photorejuvenation

Brightens, evens skin tone and stimulates collagen production. Gentle rejuvenation method.

Face (BBL) CHF 600
Face (BBL and Vascular Yag Laser) CHF 750
face and neck 1'050 CHF
Neck 500 CHF
Cleavage CHF 700
Arm (top) CHF 700
Forearm 500 CHF
Hands / Feet CHF 250
Thighs 1'300 CHF
Calves CHF 800
Other areas On quotation


Firms and tones the skin, blurs and reduces wrinkles on the face, décolleté and arms. Ultrasonic method.

Face 3'600 CHF
Full face and neck 5'200 CHF
Full face, neck and décolleté 6'500 CHF
Full neck 3'400 CHF
lower face 3'000 CHF
Eye / Mouth / Eyebrow Contours (by area) 1'000 CHF
Cleavage 1'800 CHF
Body On quotation

10% discount on the second zone.

Titan™ Laser

Firms sagging skin on the face, arms, stomach or legs.

Price per area on estimate, from CHF 700

10% discount on the second zone.

Sciton HALO Fractional Laser

For overall facial rejuvenation. The intensity of the treatment (and therefore the number of sessions) can be defined according to your objectives and your socio-professional constraints.

Mouth contour from CHF 400
Neck from CHF 700
Cleavage from CHF 900
Hands from CHF 500
Face from CHF 1'250

YAG Vascular Laser

Vascular lasers are used to treat rosacea of the face, redness of the cheeks, venules and varicosities of the legs or the rest of the body, as well as angiomas.

Sides of the nose CHF 300
Face (IPL and Vascular Yag Laser) CHF 750
Cleavage CHF 800
Angiomas from CHF 300
Rosacea from CHF 1'000
leg veins from CHF 600


Botulinum toxin injections (Botox®)

Relaxes the muscles, reduces expression lines. Visible smoothing effect from the first week after treatment and effective for 3 to 6 months.

Botox by area (forehead, glabella or crow's feet) CHF 400
2 areas Botox CHF 600
3 areas Botox (upper face) CHF 700
Botox against excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) 1'100 CHF

Injections of hyaluronic acid

Thanks to its volumizing and moisturizing effect, hyaluronic acid fills in wrinkles and restores volume.

Price per area CHF 700

Skin Booster Injections / Skin Hydration

Skin boosters improve skin hydration, stimulate collagen synthesis, prevent and fight against skin aging. They improve the tone of the skin.

Price from CHF 550


Boosts your complexion, improves fine lines and deeply nourishes your skin

1 area CHF 300
2 areas CHF 500
3 areas CHF 600
Cure of 3 sessions -10%

Anti-cellulitis body mesotherapy

This technique reduces unwanted fat on the body and the face.

Anti-cellulitis (1 session) 500 CHF
Anti-cellulitis - 10 sessions package to be defined according to areas to be treated

Injections of PRP Plasma rich in platelets

PRP rejuvenates the tissues of the skin, fills in wrinkles, redensifies the skin and evens out the complexion. This treatment also strengthens the hair.

1 area CHF 700
2 areas CHF 900
3 areas CHF 1000
Cure of 3 sessions -10%

Other treatments

Medical peelings

Peelings renew the skin by eliminating its superficial layers, they stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibres. They also help target pigment spots and small acne scars. A cosmetic is included with all treatment plans.

Radiance from CHF 250
Cure of 3 peelings -10%

Absorbable Tensor Threads

This treatment allows you to have a lifted face, regain volume and reduce wrinkles. The result lasts up to 18 months!

Price per zone from 2'700 CHF

Medical Cryolipolysis Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting ® Zeltiq
To eliminate fat and bulges without surgery

CoolAdvantage or CoolSmooth applicator CHF 750
CoolMax Applicator 1'200 CHF

10% reduction from 5 applicators


Interventions chirurgicales

Attention, il n’y a pas une chirurgie mais des chirurgies. C’est pour cela que nous ne communiquons pas de prix sur des interventions si complexes.

Cependant, nous restons volontiers à votre entière disposition pour vous orienter sur toutes les possibilités de soins. Nous vous fournirons un tarif approximatif après avoir pris connaissance de votre demande.


Dental Treatments


Descaling, polishing (from) CHF 150
Dental check-up, incl. radiography from CHF 200
Whitening (from) CHF 800
Composite, implant, veneer, root treatment On quotation


Helena Rubinstein Re-Plasty Treatments

Unique anti-aging treatments inspired by aesthetic medicine, using the most advanced cosmeceutical technologies, HR Re-PLASTY treatments are a unique combination of remodeling and lifting techniques, derived from Western and Eastern massages.

Ultimate Repair Intervention 60 min. / 90* min. 310 / 390* CHF
Ultimate Glow Intervention 60 min. / 90* min. 240 / 350* CHF
Timeless Youthful Eyes 30 min. CHF 150

* Includes Thermo-Repair

Biologique Recherche Skincare

Unique and highly personalized treatments, adapted to each skin type, for immediately visible results. All formulas are highly dosed in active ingredients and composed of natural or biotechnological ingredients, free from synthetic fragrances. Additional modules can be added to each treatment.

Smoothing Restructuring Care - plumping & reconditioning 60 min. / 90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
VIP O2 Oxygenating Care - oxygenating & illuminating 60 min. / 90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
MC 110 treatment - anti-aging and toning facial 60 min. / 90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
Lift CVS treatment – exfoliating and lifting facial 60 min. / 90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
Sebo-balancing treatment - cleansing & detoxifying 60 min. / 90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
Soin Masque Exfoliant P50 - renewing exfoliator 60min. /90* min. 230 / 300* CHF
NEW! Micro-Puncture Face-Neck-Decollete treatment - regenerating & toning 90 min. CHF 350
NEW! Fruit Acid Peel 60 min. 230 CHF
Dark spots treatment – unifying and lightening facial 60 min. 230 CHF
Triple Lift treatment – resculpting & toning facial 120 min. CHF 395
Second Skin Treatment – anti-aging & exceptionally lifting facial 60 min. CHF 350
Cryo 3R* treatment - decongesting & toning 90 min. CHF 350
Glow On The Go* treatment - smoothing & radiance 90 min. CHF 350

* Includes face remodeling

Additional modules

face remodeling CHF 80
Pigm 400 Mask 45 CHF
P50 mask 45 CHF
Anti-Aging Eye Patches 45 CHF
Platysma mask 45 CHF
Toleskin Mask 75 CHF
Biologique Féerie 75 CHF

Eyelash extensions

XXL Lashes eyelash extensions are the safest and most hygienic method of applying eyelashes. Retouching is necessary every six weeks on average. Your specialist in Montreux Our specialist will advise on the different possibilities of eyelash extensions: shape, lengths, curves and various thicknesses.

First session (2h) CHF 250
Touch-up session (1h) CHF 100
For each additional 15min. CHF 25

Permanent makeup

Our permanent makeup specialists deploy their talent to redesign your eyebrows, beautify your eyes or subtly enhance your mouth. We assure you a discreet and natural result.

3D eyebrows CHF 900
Eyes, eyeliner (top) CHF 450
Eyes, eyeliner (below) CHF 350
Lip contour CHF 900
Lip filler 1'000 CHF
Lip contour + filling 1'500 CHF
Tricopigmentation On quotation
Correction of scars On quotation


Whether it is temporary or permanent hair removal, the Beauty Institute offers you all the solutions for every need. Three hair removal methods are offered by our expert beauticians (waxing, electric hair removal and permanent hair removal).


Face CHF 60
Half legs CHF 60
Whole legs CHF 120
Bikini (from) CHF 50
Armpits CHF 30
Arm CHF 60
Lips / chin / eyebrows CHF 40
Back / chest (from) CHF 100

Electric hair removal

This permanent hair by hair removal techniqueis effective for blond or white hair, on which lasers only have a limited effect.

Electric hair removal 200 CHF / hour

Permanent hair removal (IPL Laser)

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and effective technique that allow to eliminate unwanted hair in both women and men.

Preliminary test by a doctor - deductible at the 1st session CHF 80
Eyebrows CHF 60
Nose / Ears / Temples CHF 60
Cheeks / Cheekbones CHF 70
Upper lip / Mustache CHF 80
Beard CHF 250
Chin CHF 80
Neck / Nape CHF 160
Armpits CHF 120
Full arms CHF 350
Forearm CHF 250
Complete hands CHF 120
fingers CHF 80
Shoulders CHF 160
Top of the back CHF 340
Lower back CHF 340
Torso CHF 340
Areolas CHF 80
abdominal line CHF 100
Stomach CHF 250
bikini line CHF 80
extended bikini line CHF 150
Full bikini line CHF 200
Buttocks CHF 310
Inter-gluteal furrow CHF 80
Full legs CHF 530
Half legs CHF 320
Feet CHF 120
Toes CHF 80




Laclinic’s state-of-the-art mechano-stimulation techniques generate a in-depth signal to the target cells and reactivate their natural function.


Endermolift ™ is a 100% natural rejuvenation technique for women and men of all ages. The treatment indications are forehead wrinkles, crow's feet, dark circles, nasolabial folds, lip contour wrinkles, the oval of the face, neck and décolleté.

1 session 30 mins. CHF 120
1 session 45 mins. CHF 180
10 sessions -10%


This slimming technique makes uses mechano-stimulation to reactivate the destocking of fats in order to erase localized overloads, smoothen cellulite, firm the skin and resculpt the shapes.

1 session 30 mins. CHF 120
1 session 45 mins. CHF 180
10 sessions -10%

LED-Light Treatments

LED treatments treat acne, reduce stretch marks, scars and redness. They prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth after transplantation. They are a gentle and natural anti-aging method. For your convenience, portable solutions are available for use at home..

LED photomodulation

1 session (15 mins.) CHF 50
10 sessions -10%

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