Dr. Jean Blanchard

Docteur Michel Pfulg, chirurgien esthétique
An experienced professional, Dr. Jean Blanchard is Laclinic's anesthesiologist. A sports and mountain enthusiast, he also oversees the facility's detoxification and revitalization programs.

Dr. Jean Blanchard is an FMH specialist in anesthesiology and intensive care, trained at the University of Grenoble (F). Since 2008, Dr. Blanchard has been practicing at Laclinic, where he favors gentle anesthesia techniques such as sedation, in order to limit the inconvenience and facilitate postoperative recovery.

"Laclinic is a magical place. I don't think there are many places in the world that combine so many qualities in terms of beauty care."

Dr. Jean Blanchard

Dr. Blanchard also specializes in sports medicine, with a particular interest in nutrition and chelation detoxification techniques. This unique experience allowed him to develop Laclinic’s revitalization cures and specific detoxification protocols.
Passionate about mountaineering, ski touring and rescue, he worked as a mountain rescue doctor from 1983 to 2021. In 1999, he was awarded the mountain rescue medal for acts of dedication in rescue missions. Dr. Blanchard is also a first aid physician with the GRIMM: “Groupe Romand d’Intervention Médicale en Montagne”.

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