By treating the first signs of ageing early, aesthetic medicine can help you postpone the need to undergo cosmetic surgery.

There are selected cases however, where surgery is essential if we want to obtain the best possible results. Fortunately the vast majority of aesthetic surgical procedures only require a very short stay at the clinic and many of them can be performed on an outpatient basis. This does not stop you from staying at Laclinic just for the pleasure of being rested and pampered!

You should also be aware that unlike aesthetic medicine procedures, surgical operations require the use of an anaesthetic. We have now made such progress in this field that most aesthetic surgical operations can be performed under a partial anaesthetic, i.e. a local anaesthetic combined with controlled sedation. This helps to promote an immediate awakening with an easy-to-manage recovery process and minimal complications.

At Laclinic, you are in the hands of skilled, dedicated and professional specialists who make sure that your stay with us is as pleasant and safe as possible.

Dr Michel Pfulg / Dr Serge Lê Huu, chirurgiens esthétiques FMH
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