Wrinkles and lines can change our features, expressions and appearance more than any other marker of skin ageing. When they appear, they have actually been developing for years. Sagging, lack of hydration or even loss of collagen or elastin as well as external factors (sun, pollution) can make them appear sooner, even in relatively young patients.

To stop wrinkles and lines in their tracks and preserve a fresh, smooth face, Laclinic has a range of techniques to reduce deep wrinkles and leave the features looking natural and youthful.

Depending on each patient, their skin type and the main cause of the wrinkles, a lift, thread lift, hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum protein injections, Pearl laser and peels can be combined. To correct the effects of hormonal ageing, sun exposure, smoking, repeated frowning or significant weight loss, an interview with a physician will allow you to choose the most suitable treatment.

Everyday treatments using the cutting-edge cosmetic care available from our Institut de Beauté (Beauty Institute).

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