The skin is a special organ with deep physical resonance, as it continues to bear the scars of the past. Laclinic offers a variety of treatments for those scars that remind you of an accident or operation and stretchmarks that denote a particular time in your life (adolescence), event (pregnancy) or transformation (weight gain or loss) are not easily forgotten.

White, red or pigmented scars, which leave a lasting trace of accidents, surgery or acne, are sometimes raised (hypertrophic) or depressed (atrophic). Stretchmarks also have a colour palette ranging from red to purple, to pink and white, depending on their age.

Before the treatment, an initial consultation with the doctor will be arranged to complete a skin assessment and select the most suitable procedure. Ablative lasers, such as Pearl, are used to reduce old scars, whereas vascular lasers can remove red discolouration resulting from a recent scar and IPL technology can treat hyperpigmentation. Some peels (TCA) may also be offered.

To accelerate and improve post-operative scarring, Laclinic also uses LPG Endermologie and LED photomodulation. The skin is left supple and any discolouration is visibly reduced.

Lastly, microdermabrasion can be performed at the Institut de Beauté to perfect the results or as an initial step preceding a treatment.

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