mmaculate, smooth skin is more than just a dream for patients who have rosacea and/or varicosities, who often suffer from complexes as a result of these red blemishes. The dilated vessels, which flush the face and are sometimes accompanied by inflammation, can be caused by genetics or hormones but can also be triggered by the sun, fluctuations in temperature, alcohol or stress. Our varicose vein clinic helps to get rid of problems mentioned above.

Smooth Healthy Skin after Treatment in Varicose vein clinic Laclinic

Varicosities, which are very common on the legs, are visible through the skin and form fine red or purple lines in tree shapes or networks, which are particularly unsightly. They can be a social disadvantage, affecting our self-image and the image that we want to portray to others.

The varicose vein clinic Laclinic offers a procedure to erase redness, rosacea, and varicosities, which combines flash lamp (IPL) and Nd:YAG laser. The treatment, which is fast and effective, restores youthful skin, without any scarring.

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