Mirror, mirror on the wall... I want perfect skin! As well as being an intrinsic symbol of beauty, the skin is also a sign of health and youth. With age, the signs of ageing appear and are amplified by sun exposure combined with pollution and a fast pace of life.

A dull and blotchy complexion, spots, redness, uneven skin texture and dilated pores can affect the general appearance of the face and neckline. Laclinic offers its patients treatments that provide an overall natural, youthful effect for bright, visibly healthier skin.

Depending on to what extent the skin is affected, the physician will establish a suitable treatment plan with the patient, if necessary combining hyaluronic acid injections, PRP injections, biostimulation by mesotherapy, flash lamp, Nd:YAG or Pearl lasers or peels such as TCA and LED treatments (photomodulation).

Everyday treatments using the cutting-edge cosmetic care available from our Institut de Beauté (Beauty Institute).

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