It is never too late to take care of your skin or repair old damage. Acne is a problem that we may encounter as adults but which also often leaves traces from adolescence. Our acne clinic offers modern methods of treatment for this problem.

Whether hereditary, hormonal or stress-related, spots caused by acne and dilated pores are not only suffered by teenagers, yet continue to be associated with them. They nonetheless represent a social disadvantage for adult men and women. If the problem deteriorates then patients may experience self-image issues in addition to the cosmetic problem, as a result of the unsightly spots.

It is a little-known fact but it is possible to overcome adult acne using light peels and special creams, facial treatments including ultrasound to deep clean the skin, and even photomodulation by LED lamp. To effectively treat skin with rosacea, experts of acne clinic Laclinic use a combination of two specific devices: IPL (flash lamp) and Nd:YAG laser, to offer spectacular, long-lasting results.

Our Institut de Beauté will be able to advise you on the treatments and formulas best suited to your “new skin” so that you can make the most of your newly acquired radiance and enhanced beauty, to permanently restore your self confidence.

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breast augmentation

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