Immersive 3D Plastic Surgery Workshop

Attend the first live 3D plastic surgery workshop hosted by Laclinic-Montreux and Crisalix, the world's leading Virtual Reality 4D & 3D plastic surgery imaging & business solution in the market.

We are pleased to invite you to attend our first event at Laclinic-Montreux combining 3D with live surgery in Switzerland

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The Program

Laclinic workshop :

Dr Pfulg Michel:

  • Story of Laclinic-Montreux : 15 years of success and prosperity.
  • Experience as the owner and anecdotes.

Breast Workshop:

Dr Serge Lê-Huu:

  • Live consultation for breast augmentation using the 3D simulator Crisalix
  • Tips and measurement techniques.
  • Analysis of the patient's anatomy and patient education with 3D
  • Choice of implant / volume of prosthesis with 3D
  • Virtual reality 4D with Samsung Gear
  • Benefits and advantages of his 7 years’ experience using 3D in his plastic surgery consultations.
  • Live surgery : connection with operating room to exchange and start exciting discussions and debates.
  • MOTIVA implants for the surgery: the Swiss National Manager, Daniel Gerber will be present at the event and will be happy to give a presentation of his range of implants and answer all your questions.

Face Workshop:

Dr Bayol Jean-Charles:

  • Live development of a Rhinoplasty consultation using the 3D Crisalix simulator.
  • Define the patient's expectations and show them what changes will be made during the operation.
  • Patient's needs and education showing the possible limitations of the operation.
  • Techniques and advice in Rhinoplasty (specialized in rhinoplasty and participated in many congresses and courses.)
  • Live surgery (time permitting) : connection with operating room to exchange and start exciting discussions and debates.

Marketing Workshop:

  • Complete overview off all the news about communication techniques.
  • Crisalix Marketing Kit description
  • How to attract more and more patients to your practice ?
  • How to improve your conversion rate ?
  • Presentation of a study published by Dr. Hammond (USA) about the benefits of 3D in plastic surgery*

*Results have been calculated using the data provided by 975 plastic surgeons from 77 different countries, for a total of 25,413 patients.


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