Dentist, dental surgeon, specialized in aesthetic rehabilitation of the dental sphere (dental veneers, ceramic crowns, dental implants, bridges, ...). His practice both in private practice, in a hospital department, then in Switzerland in Montreux has confronted him with many delicate clinical situations that give him his expert status.

At Laclinic, he uses the most recent techniques and the latest scientific data in both ceramic implants and veneers as part of his typical holistic approach. 

For a number of years, his desire to share, emulate and progress has led him to be actively involved in professional study groups and postdoctoral education, to become increasingly successful in the various dentistry specialisms comprising implantology, periodontology and cosmetic dental prosthesis.

He is renowned for his holistic approach to prosthetic, surgical and implant-based rehabilitation, and knows how to best use these complex procedures to achieve the spectacular results that typify his work.