Laclinic always strives to offer its patients the best so it has chosen partners which are the most recognised in their respective fields to provide unparalleled quality of service and care.

Helena Rubinstein, a luxury flagship brand belonging to the L’Oréal group, has selected Laclinic-Montreux as its exclusive partner. The product of this collaboration is Re-Plasty, a line of cutting-edge cosmeceutical treatments inspired by cosmetic medicine, which has been acclaimed by those familiar with it.

LPG® Systems
LPG is a pioneer in the development of high-tech natural mechanical skin stimulation treatments, and offers innovative treatments both in the field of slimming and anti-ageing. This world-renowned patented technology for the treatment of connective tissue is under constant development and continually demonstrates new benefits which are confirmed by a great number of scientific studies.

The treatment of dermatological conditions with light, such as scarring or inflammation, offers visible, pain-free benefits. Laclinic offers Biolux Medical Photomodulation sessions to speed up the resorption of haematoma, promote healing, slow hair loss or supplement anti-ageing or surgical treatments.