Laclinic’s revitalisation plan has been developed using the anti-ageing treatments that have made a reputation for the Swiss Riviera for more than a century. It targets your body as a whole, boosting your immune system.

These exclusive procedures, which are supervised by our renowned experts, are recommended to combat intense stress or major deficiencies, such as lack of energy and vitality, depression, anxiety, irritability, chronic fatigue and a weak immune system.

The revitalising injections provide real rejuvenation, from the age of 35 when the patient is at a turning point in their life or if fatigue has set in. They are administered following a precise diagnosis after a conventional or genetic check-up. These revitalisation plans include different options so that you can benefit from a real made-to-measure procedure, in the beautiful, tranquil setting of Laclinic, which offers immediate and lasting results. A truly restorative break.

To achieve optimum results, different care and well-being procedures are available to supplement these treatments. Endermology®, aesthetic care, nutrition consultations and coaching will overcome your stress, leaving you feeling restored, relaxed and ready to start afresh.

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