Heavy metals are present to varying degrees everywhere in our environment and our diet, and can be toxic in certain doses when they accumulate. To ensure that your body is functioning optimally, Laclinic offers a detoxification plan to banish these heavy metals from your body.

Heavy metals penetrate our bodies in three ways: through ingestion (the food that we eat), through contact with the skin (the beauty products that we use) or by inhalation (the air that we breathe, which is full of pollutants). So our health and living conditions determine the degree of intoxication of our body, depending on what we are exposed to on a daily basis. 

Fatigue, stress, etc. Sometimes the body slows right down and its natural detoxification system is overwhelmed: its detoxification capacity is then reduced, which can cause health problems such as migraines, difficulty concentrating and memory problems, etc.

Chelating agent injections have been used for years in medical toxicology to combat the most common forms of heavy metal poisoning (e.g. arsenic or mercury). These agents attach themselves to minerals or ionised metals, such as iron, lead or copper, turning the element into a soluble complex that is flushed out in the urine. This effective treatment, which is recommended once or twice a year, lasts one day but can be combined with other treatments (nutritional assessment, revitalisation, drainage, etc.) for a complete detox and wellbeing package.

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