We think that taking the time to complete an in-depth, holistic review of your health is the best way of preventing avoidable diseases, identifying risk factors, and staying in shape and young for longer. At Laclinic, we offer this unusual service, which includes a full on-site biological and/or genetic check-up, using technological innovation developed in Switzerland.

This lifestyle disease diagnosis programme is combined with a medical consultation by an anti-ageing expert to identify any imbalance and adopt suitable measures before it turns into a disease.  

Understanding your state of health, supported by a comprehensive scientific analysis and personal service from Laclinic experts, will give you the motivation to take charge of your health: a balanced diet and physical activity combined with an optimised environment will improve your wellbeing and increase your longevity.

This check-up is based on your personal genetic profile, which influences the way your cells are programmed throughout your life. It helps you to understand the risk factors and how to go about preventing any diseases to which you may be prone.
This genetic test will be relevant throughout your life and will therefore constitute a form of “predictive” medicine.
Specifically, it involves making a diagnosis of your genetic ID to combine it with medical, nutritional and environmental advice. 

This preventative treatment relies on two profiling methods:
- The first explores all the elements adopted to combat ageing with the enzyme detoxification process, as well as an analysis of genetic cardiovascular risks.
- The second combines the above method with in-depth tests on the digestive system and degenerative diseases affecting vision and physical performance, to ensure the best preservation of your overall health.

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