Those who are dissatisfied with their teeth will find a formidable ally in the teeth implant clinic “Laclinic” to finally obtain the smile they desire.

Firstly, ceramic dental crowns and veneers can permanently improve the appearance of the smile: by cementing a thin layer of sealed porcelain on top of the enamel, it is possible to harmoniously transform the shade, shape, and size of the teeth. This complex teeth treatment, which is relatively non-invasive, transforms teeth and can correct all types of dental flaws, from misalignment to breakages, not to mention stains. In addition to cosmetic correction, they provide improved functionality and protect the teeth.

Optimal appearance and natural finish

To preserve the quality of the results achieved, Laclinic requires you to attend three separate sessions: an assessment and production of a model as a mockup of the final result, the preparation of the teeth and then the cementing of the veneers.

The ceramic crown is a dental prosthesis which improves the appearance and functionality of the tooth. It is offers the best solution if too much of the tooth has been lost (cavity, fracture, previous treatment) because it covers the whole of a tooth that is too damaged or too fragile.

Implants can compensate for full or partial tooth loss. The technique, which involves replacing the root of the missing tooth with a solid, biocompatible titanium implant, is currently a treatment of choice. It is intended to support one or more crowns, as well as a removable prosthesis.