Around three in four people suffer from a periodontal disease at some point in their life. However, if caught in time, treatment is simple and there is a low risk of relapse.
To restore impeccable oral health, Laclinic is committed to offering comprehensive oral rehabilitation treatment, and dental hygiene services through its team of periodontal experts.


The comprehensive treatment includes x-rays, a gingival and periodontal pocket check-up, deep descaling, polishing with the elimination of stains and discoloration, a mucous membrane and teeth examination, and a bite examination. Deep cleaning, fillings or gum grafts may also be added, as the case may be.

The best methods are used to ensure that each patient receives tailored treatment that is suited to their needs. Although the procedures are gentle, the dental hygienist and care team will take into account the sensitivity of each patient and an anaesthetic may be used to ensure a comfortable procedure.
For a plan to ensure good tooth and gum health for the rest of your life, regular check-ups will be necessary or, as the case may be, you will be called back every 3, 6 or 12 months.
Full examinations are scheduled prior to any procedure of our dental hygiene services and an assessment is carried out to avoid any problems or allergies.

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