Whether too long, too thick, bosselated or too pointy, the nose can be an endless source of self-criticism. Fortunately, there are now well-honed techniques to correct such flaws.

Rhinoplasty is sometimes performed through non-invasive procedures, such as injections of hyaluronic acid to remodel, refine, correct or enhance a nose by erasing any flaws, whether these stem from birth or are the result of a trauma or impact. If the corrections are minimal, injections of hyaluronic acid alone may be preferable to surgical rhinoplasty to smoothen the bridge of the nose or erase a little hump.

These nose surgery procedures, which alter the appearance of the nose while preserving its natural character, are discussed with the medical specialist during your first consultation in our clinic, to achieve the desired nose shape and therefore restore the overall harmony of the face.

In addition to medical or surgical rhinoplasty, treatments may be offered to eliminate rosacea, age spots, close pores and improve the skin texture. Our services don’t end at nose surgery, and the beauty expert will add the finishing touch, with the right beauty treatments and advice.

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