The mouth is a focal point of seduction and communication but unfortunately it can be affected by vertical wrinkles that betray the passage of time (or smoking). These wrinkles mainly affect women, in particular, those with delicate and dry skin. With age, the lips grow thinner and lose their sensuality.

Laclinic is here to help reveal the smile that you deserve. Several solutions can be combined to rejuvenate the upper lip, restore volume to lips that are too fine, reduce lips that are too plump, correct a “gummy” smile, balance out the upper lip to gum ratio or correct drooping corners of the mouth which make you appear sad.

Lip surgery, lipofilling or lipostructure, injections of hyaluronic acid or botulinum protein are treatments that can help to create the mouth of your dreams.

An appointment to draw up a personal treatment plan will enable our medical specialist to offer you the procedure best suited your request.  Cosmetic dental experts will sometimes be called upon to analyse your bite prior to any medical cosmetic treatment.

At our Institut de Beauté, our permanent makeup expert can complete the transformation of your smile, by subtly enhancing it.

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