“Protruding ear” syndrome should no longer give rise to any complex or teasing, now that there is a common technique to correct it. The procedure, known as otoplasty, corrects their unsightly appearance, restoring balance to the rest of the face, by moving the auricle back into place without any visible scarring. Performed from the age of six years, the procedure can be performed free of trauma.

Other techniques can also be performed to address other issues, such as earlobe reduction, occlusion of holes from ear piercings, correction of torn lobes or even correction of lobes that are sagging due to age: the simple lobe reduction procedure can be enough to make the whole face look younger.

The procedure can be combined with hyaluronic acid injections to restore the volume of the lobe, which gets smaller with age. Additionally, our Institut de Beauté can remove any unwanted hair from the area.

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