Facelift or facelifting is intended to rejuvenate the face, varies depending on the desired corrections: neck and facelift, softlift, full facelift, partial facelift or even neck lift. It is recommended if there is significant skin sagging and a mini-invasive procedure cannot achieve excellent results. By remodelling the face, its contour and the neck, a lift can make you look 6–8 years younger depending on the patient, and its results last at least 10 years. It can be combined with eyelid surgery, facial lipostructure or neck liposuction. In our facelift surgery clinic, you may be offered additional treatments during the diagnostic consultations, such as botulinum protein, hyaluronic acid or PRP injections or biostimulation by mesotherapy or laser.

At least two consultations are required before the procedure; also, to define the approximate facelift surgery cost, a blood test and pre-anaesthesia consultation will be planned.

The procedure requires 48 hours’ hospitalisation and is usually performed under local anaesthetic with deep sedation. It is important to stop smoking, avoid sun exposure, be in good health and free of any skin infections on the day of the procedure.

The face will be puffy and swollen for approximately 2 weeks. You will not be able to make certain movements. The results will be visible after 15 days and excellent results will be achieved after two months of facelift procedures in our clinic. You will be given detailed instructions to optimise your healing, and you will be offered manual lymphatic drainage in the first few days by our expert physiotherapist, as well as Endermologie® drainage to speed up the resorption of oedema and optimise healing.
Infection, haematoma or poor healing are possible if post-operative instructions are not followed correctly. Serious complications such as neuroparalysis or cutaneous gangrene are much rarer.

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