Blepharoplasty or droopy eyelid surgery is recommended by clinic experts after a certain age or periods of stress and intense fatigue, the skin around the eyelids sags, the forehead distends, the tail of the eyebrows collapses and weighs down on the upper eyelids, which lose their fat pad and show residual pouches, the slumping of the cheekbone creates wrinkles, and the valley of tears hollows out, leaving a sad and tired appearance.

Before the blepharoplasty surgery in our clinic, biological tests are carried out as a matter of course and may be accompanied by an ophthalmologic assessment. The procedure lasts approximately one hour and is performed under local anaesthetic without any need for hospitalisation. Whichever eyelid is affected, the incision will be invisible once it has healed.

Stitches will be removed 4–5 days after the procedure and make-up can be applied 10 days after the operation. Bruising will disappear within a week but the eyes may be sensitive to the light, and they may water or be somewhat dry. That is why eye drops are always prescribed following the procedure and it is impossible to wear contact lenses for several days. Glasses with tinted lenses are recommended for 10 days to protect you from the wind and sun. Manual lymphatic drainage is offered in the first few days, followed by Endermologie® drainage to speed up the resorption of oedema and optimise healing.

Complications following a blepharoplasty are rare. Ectropion or inversion of the lower eyelid may require further surgery.

Our double eyelid surgery clinic offers medical services from famous and professional surgeons. During the consultation, you can discuss eyelid surgery cost, recovery period, living conditions in our blepharoplasty surgery clinic, or any other questions you may have.

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