Whether the request relates to the body or the face, the expert physicians and surgeons at Laclinic consider each patient in their entirety, studying their figure and features as a matter of course. They always apply an interdisciplinary approach to beauty to offer the best solutions to suit their desires and morphology.


The consultations preceding every cosmetic procedure are conducted according to these ethics and this philosophy. The conversation with the physician is essential to determine the procedures best suited to the request, whether these are invasive or non-invasive. It allows for each case to be assessed and a precise diagnosis established.

The treatment or treatments offered may then combine medicine and surgery for a tailored result.

Preoperative care

Prior to any procedure, there are some guidelines to follow (no sun exposure, diet, stop smoking, etc.) to prevent complications and promote recovery.

Results can also be optimised by preparing the skin prior to a procedure: beauty experts from the Institut de Beauté and the physiotherapist offer a range of personalised care for this purpose, such as Endermologie® or LED sessions.

Because we know that techniques work together to achieve the desired result, we never hesitate to offer you the best possible combination of care.

Postoperative care

At Laclinic we know that the best care is required following any procedure to reduce recovery time and strongly recommend the following methods to optimise results.

Lymphatic Drainage 
This stimulates disturbed lymphatic circulation following surgery so that the lymphatic system provides the necessary nutrients to the scar and immune cells to combat infections. Lymphatic drainage is beneficial from the day after a medical or surgical procedure. It relieves pain and speeds up the resorption of haematoma and oedema, helping you get back to normal faster. 

Endermologie® is a patented high-tech treatment based on the principle of mechanical stimulation of the skin. It promotes recovery and successful healing. Mechanical lymphatic drainage is used to help tissue recovery, reduce oedema and haematoma, calm inflammation, and treat adhesions and fibrous tissue. Following surgery, it is recommended that you start by having several lymphatic drainage sessions before continuing with Endermologie®.

Camouflage makeup
To cover up the traces of your procedure and allow you to make a speedy return to everyday life, our beauty experts will teach you how to apply specific post-operative makeup and offer you their tips.