Intimate areas that are thought to be unsightly are a poorly understood and little recognised source of embarrassment. However, unharmonious genitalia, whether real or imagined, can lead to a complex that has a huge impact on self-esteem, relationships and sexual fulfilment.

Intimate surgery is a specialism that Laclinic’s physicians are committed to offering, as they are aware of the impact this embarrassment can cause. It is possible to remodel the appearance of the vulva and the penis, or change the physical features of the vagina, hymen, vulva or male genitals.

Prior to any procedure, our experts will run through with the patient the psychological, aesthetic and physical factors motivating their request. Depending on the profile, a suitable treatment will be selected using two main techniques: intimate surgery and lipofilling-lipostructure, both of which may be combined where appropriate.

To accompany the procedure, the specialists at Laclinic’s private Institut de Beauté offer waxing, electrical epilation or laser services.

We also take care of

hair removal

breast augmentation

face shape