Cosmetic medicine can delay or sometimes even replace surgery. However, if surgery is necessary or offers the most effective solution to a problem, Laclinic offers very successful procedures.

It is a little-known fact but most cosmetic surgery only requires a short stay at the clinic, and most procedures can be carried out on an outpatient basis. The comfort of pre- and post-operative care has also greatly improved, meaning there will be as little disruption as possible to your normal activities.

Nowadays progress is such that most operations can be performed under partial or local anaesthetic, combined with controlled sedation, to favour immediate waking without any side effects. A critical step managed by Laclinic’s anaesthetist.

Cosmetic surgery is never an insignificant process and at Laclinic it is always contemplated with the aim of enhancement, rejuvenation and tailored personal fulfilment. Each case is unique, as is the result.